CASE meeting 1/13/16

The College Association for Staff in Engineering (CASE) is an association of staff members within the College of Engineering (COE), serving as departmental representatives to discuss the needs and advancement of staff in an attempt to have work-life balance along with supporting the community through philanthropic activities.

The purpose of CASE is to:

  • Consider policies and all matters concerning Engineering Classified Staff, University Staff, and non-student wage employees (herein referred to as “Staff”) and to bring these matters to the attention of the dean and, when relevant, the University.
  • Facilitate communication among Engineering Staff and College and University administrators.
  • Provide staff with leadership opportunities through the shared governance structure of the University.
  • Solicit and encourage staff’s participation in the success of the College of Engineering and the University.
  • Provide representation on the Staff Senate and the Commission on Staff Policies and Affairs (CSPA),University Council, commissions, and committees.